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What do YOU Bring to the Incubator?

“Please take responsibility for the
energy you bring into this space.”

~ Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor


We each have a vibe. An energy. Our own individual mojo.

And it’s easy to pick up everyone else’s vibe.

We can walk away from someone feeling energized, centered, happy, or…not so much.

We all know people who, when asked, “How are you today?” respond
consistently with a sigh, a heaving of the shoulders, and enough negative mojo
to throw us backwards.

So, we get that. We feel that emanating from other people.

But do you know what your vibe is?

We work with premature babies. And one of the many things I’ve learned from them is how sensitive they are to our energy.

Let’s say I’m not having the best day at work. I’m stressed or frustrated.

If I open the portholes to an incubator and put my hands on a premature baby without leaving my stress behind, he tells me immediately he doesn’t like that
vibe. He startles, furrows his brow, and moves his arms and legs erratically.
This is how these babies speak.

The point is I can’t fool them. I can’t pretend to have this chilled out
centered vibe if it’s not true. They know. They’re expert vibe-readers who
don’t have the ability to accept our drama.

The babies have taught me over time that it’s possible to choose how I show up. That in the midst of any situation, I can take a deep breath, let go of
my negativity and set an intention to allow my positive energy to go forth into
the world. Or into an incubator, which is like a very small world itself.

The coolest thing is that it matters.

It matters to every person (and animal) we come into contact with. (Dogs are great vibe-readers too!) With every conversation, interaction and intervention,
we have the opportunity to spread a little more of that good mojo.

And that can only be great for the world.

What are you putting out there?