Your Particular Kind of Light

By Sue Ludwig

"Can you deny the need for a light like yours?"
~ Christine Kane – from the song The Good You Do

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I bet sometimes you get frustrated when you work hard and try to do the right thing every day. The environment in which you work doesn’t always support you in that mission. Maybe you feel that your individual contribution gets lost in the shuffle.

Maybe, though, your effort is not lost at all. Maybe you are more powerful than you think. Maybe you just need help seeing yourself.

My mentor taught me something years ago that I understand more deeply now. It’s a simple and profound question that she’s underwritten in every intellectual, emotional, or business lesson she’s ever given me, (and is a line from her song I quoted above):
"Can you deny the need for a light like yours?"

Despite the obstacles. Despite the hard work. Is there something bigger in every moment? Something unique I bring to the table?

She has supported me through years of intense business mentoring. And the great and sometimes annoying thing about her is this: no matter what I do, what I’ve done, or what I’m afraid to embark upon, the message in that quote is a form of what I hear from her.

She simply refuses to see me for less than my ultimate potential. And wow, that can be frustrating!

And by potential, I don’t mean just in a business sense, but my full blown human potential. The whole picture.

It may sound like this, "When you are finished worrying about how the world will accept what you’ve created, get up and look out the window because the world is already waiting for you."

Even in my best presentation of drama and self-deprecation, she listens and acknowledges my story, but does not believe for a minute that I won’t come through it better, clearer and more aligned than before. In fact, that’s where she’s seen me all along.

There are no more excuses for being any less than I know I can be whether I’m with my family, my coworkers, or on stage speaking.

When I look at what I’ve created in my life and work in the past five years I must admit I can finally see what happens when I accept the need for my particular kind of light in the world.

Now I realize that it would be wasteful not to honor it.

YOU have your own particular kind of light.

Let it shine.


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