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(Video) From Summer Slump to Support: The 2016 Digital Mastery Pack is Here

You work hard everyday on behalf of the patients and families in your care.

You advocate for better practices, better products, better education. You’re on (or leading) several committees in order to collaborate and contribute to those advances. On top of everything else, you’re often asked to be the resource-finder in support of these improvements.

It’s overwhelming. It’s easy to see why you’re depleted, why the summer slump has set in.

Tammy, the neonatal therapist I talk about in the video below, was feeling the exact same way. Click on the link to the video and see if her situation sounds familiar and if her solution sounds like relief:

The great news is part of the reason I created NANT was to support you through situations just like this. You no longer have to take hours upon hours of your precious time to find the latest evidence related to your NICU’s initiatives. You no longer have to remain stuck in the slump phase and you certainly don’t have to do this alone.

Gaining access TODAY to the 2016 Digital Mastery Pack improves your confidence, competence, and expertise while saving you tons of time and frustration. Having national conference quality education available on-demand for you and your NICU is a priceless yet tangible way to add value, credibility, and efficiency to your current role, projects and practices.

The funny part?

I totally misspoke in the video. Yep, I sure did. There are actually 16 presentations in the Digital Mastery Pack. (I accidentally counted the keynote which is not included. That was a special moment available only to conference participants.) I’m assuming you’ll forgive me – if nothing else I’m modeling imperfect action for you right?

Be sure to check out every topic – we hope you find the solution you’ve been looking for to educate yourself, your team, and/or your NICU. And there are BONUSES too.

All of this education can be delivered to your inbox today. We can’t wait to see how you USE IT to support the lives of the babies and families in your care. Your dedication to improving neurodevelopmental outcomes is impressive and inspiring.

We love nothing more than making that journey a little easier and a lot less lonely for you.