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A Letter to Babies: Your Therapists’ Vision for You

TOW_9-15-15(2)In honor of International Neonatal Therapy Week, NANT asked its members and followers to answer the question, “What is your vision for the babies you serve?” As neonatal therapists our primary goals are to improve developmental outcomes and facilitate baby-family connection. And we LOVE our work.

We captured incredible responses from all over the world, written directly to the babies themselves, to create the letter below.

A Letter to Babies

My vision for you is….to feel safe, loved, cared for, relaxed, well rested, strong, organized, nested and unafraid; with positive emotional connections to feeding and your caregivers. I want you to survive and enjoy life and development to the fullest. To be a communication partner who is HEARD. I want your voice to be respected no matter how small you are…you deserve to be comfortable and supported as you learn all of your first skills in this world. I want you to enjoy eating now and long term as it is something you will do forever and need to have a strong base to build off of for SUCCESS. Every change in your facial expression and body posture will tell me just the right way to support you and optimize your oral feeding/swallowing experience which I will share with your caregivers so that after you go home, you will continue to grow and thrive. Continue reading here…