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The News You’ve Been Waiting For!

Do you know what THE NUMBER ONE QUESTION we’ve gotten since we formed NANT only a few tiny months ago?

Is it about feeding?


Is it about positioning?


Is it about how to do a neuro exam with your hands separated by portholes?


The number one question is if NANT is going to have a national conference.

And the answer is (drumroll please!)



The 1st Annual NANT Conference will be:  May 5-6, 2011. Location: TBA

So now that you have the answer, here’s three things to do:

1 – Mark your calendar

2 – Tell your supervisor (so you can have the time off)

3 — Tell everyone you know (so they can do these three steps!)

Here’s the best part…

As neonatal therapists, we have our own challenges, interests, and desire to connect.

As NANT, we can’t wait to serve you by providing the best speakers and topics the neonatal therapy world has to offer.

AND you’ll have plenty of time to network with your peers and meet a wide variety of vendors who are thrilled to finally connect with you and NANT.

I can promise this:

You’ll leave this meeting with a new level of passion, commitment, and knowledge. Collectively, we are taking the field of neonatal therapy to the next level. Be part of the excitement. Be part of history.

Stay tuned for more details!!