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Special Topic Call: A Conversation on CPT Evaluation Codes with the NICU Population

The focus of NANT’s next Special Topic Call (STC) is something you’ve been asking for since January – how do the new CPT codes affect us in the NICU? Fortunately, we discovered that one of our Members has deep knowledge in this area.

Kelly Walsh-Hill, PT will present the following information during the May 16th STC. (Plan to attend live so you can ask questions!)

Here’s her explanation of the content: The many changes in healthcare in the last 5 years have left our heads spinning. We are well trained in our professions and clinical judgment, but no one told us that providing and documenting care would be so mind boggling! You think you’re doing it right, but how do you know? You second guess yourself and wonder if the CPT police will be showing up for you soon!

I hope to start a conversation with you that will help you feel more grounded in your decision-making and clarify how to apply the general descriptions of high, medium, and low complexity to the neonatal patient. I will also explain the importance of being thoughtful now and how it impacts our future care. This topic is complex and we won’t get to all the answers in an hour long talk, but I hope you will come to agree that one size does not fit all.

This STC will be presented in webinar format and includes time for you to type in questions. This is vital information to understand as you continue to advocate for neonatal therapy services within the ever-changing face of healthcare.

More about Kelly: Kelly has been a Pediatric PT for 32 years with experience in the NICU, Early Intervention, Out-Patient Clinic, and Schools. She has been working exclusively in NICU and EI care since 2008. Kelly began doing advocacy work for families in 2000 in her local community. This expanded to the Virginia State level in 2010, when she was selected to serve on the Virginia Interagency Coordinating Council. She has been Chair of the Council since 2012, working to advise and assist State agencies in supports and services for Families with Children Birth to 3.

During the transition to the ACA and ICD-10, she recognized the need to improve reimbursement for Habilitative Services and support pediatric therapists in understanding coding, billing, and documentation as it relates to the pediatric population. She has provided webinars for Providers in this area and also to families on how to choose private insurance and advocate for their medical services.

Kelly recently worked with her NICU Neonatologist and other local leaders to develop the Community Coalition on Family Centered NAS Care – working to bridge the care from Hospital to Community in order to support both babies and Mothers in recovery. Kelly resides in Virginia with her husband and has two grown sons. Her passion is empowering families, one baby at a time!

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