NICU Professionals: The Risks and Benefits of Submitting to Speak

By Sue Ludwig

Whether you’ve never submitted an abstract in your life, or you’re a veteran of the process, consider submitting for NANT 13 before the deadline, just seven days from now (August 15th).

The risk?
You invest your time and energy in the submission process and your abstract is not accepted for some reason. (I’ve been there many times!) The risk is that you cannot get that time back.

The benefits?
If declined:

  • You garner useful experience, and your submissions will likely improve over time. You’re one of the rare people that made a valid attempt. Congratulations for stepping forward into uncertainty.

If accepted:

  • You gain the experience of preparing your work for an international audience.
  • You feel the excitement-fear-responsibility-vulnerability-courage of stepping on stage and sharing your research, QI, practices, and perspectives. That feeling is contagious.
  • You connect with like-minded colleagues on the topic you present. This can facilitate future collaborations.
  • Afterwards, you feel the joy and relief of contributing to your specialty while helping others.
  • You inspire colleagues to pursue better outcomes for their patients, teams, and practice.
  • You improve the lives of babies and families, not only in your hospital, city, or state, but around the globe.

There are no guaranteed outcomes. But like all things in life (including babies!), we grow and develop by engaging in the experience.

Submit here to speak or present a poster at NANT 13 by August 15th. All related professions and NICU parents may submit.

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