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Neonatal Therapists: Requesting your Inspiration for International Neonatal Therapy Week

One thing we know for sure: you are ALL IN when it comes to working as a neonatal therapist. You are dedicated to this specialty and the babies and families you serve beyond what is expected of you. But not everyone understands what therapists actually DO in the NICU! We want to share your passion with our worldwide audience during International Neonatal Therapy Week (INTW).


If you wrote a letter to your patients (yes, a letter to babies) and told them your vision for them, what would it be?

Answer this:

As your neonatal therapist my vision for you is….

Share your response here

We can’t wait to share your responses during INTW and let the world know what you think about everyday as you provide specialized care to your tiny patients through the unique lens of a neonatal therapist.