NANT Member Spotlight

By Sue Ludwig

Name: Renu Agrawal, MPT( Pediatric), CNT, c/NDT

Place of Employment: Neoclinic Children Hospital – Jaipur Rajasthan (INDIA)

Years of Experience: 7

Specialty or Areas of Interest: My favourite part of being in NICU team is seeing the difference we make in these babies’ lives. Our unit is an out born nursery therefore babies are admitted for surgery or life-threatening conditions for further intervention. I get to witness better long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes by providing them intervention in their preliminary stage of life.

What do you love most about your job?: Being a Neonatal Therapist means “Becoming inextricably intertwined in babies and families lives and there is NO better profession”. I love being a neonatal therapist because NICU babies are the most tenacious little people in the world. They survive things that most adults would not. I am very passionate about health literacy and being able to interact with families and teach them how to care for their babies – to understand what is happening with their babies and is very rewarding.

Your greatest challenge at work and/or your latest project?: The main challenge is poor feeding nonspecific symptoms seen in infants that can result from many conditions such as infections (sepsis is the most common in India), metabolic disorders, genetic disorders, structural abnormalities and neurologic disorders.

My email address if interested in connecting.

I am a Member of NANT because: Being a NANT Member has improved my skillset as a whole, making me more confident in my decision-making ability. It has helped me gain extensive knowledge regarding state of art techniques from stalwarts around the world.

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