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NANT 11 Speaker Highlight: Terrie E. Inder, MBChB, MD

We are honored to have Dr. Inder as part of the NANT 11 experience. Whether you like to type your notes or write them, be prepared to take pages of them during her presentation.

Title of Presentation: Pathway to Improving Outcomes in the Preterm Infant – Role of Neonatal Therapy in the NICU

Description: This presentation will review the pathway to adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes in the preterm infant from brain injury and alterations in brain development. The key factors altering brain development relate to experience including the environment and exposures of the preterm infant. The role of therapy in both leading modification of the environment and rehabilitation related to brain injury will be discussed.

Dr. Inder’s bio: Terrie E. Inder is a dual boarded child neurologist and neonatologist who undertakes clinical and translational research into the nature and timing of brain injury and alterations in brain development using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques. She has undertaken longitudinal studies in three large cohorts of high-risk infants that have been followed up to adolescence to examine the relationship of alterations in brain structure to developmental outcomes. Her laboratory aims to undertake clinical investigations of treatments and preventive strategies that may improve outcomes in high-risk infants. Her laboratory also strives to have a means of accurate, early diagnosis of brain injury or altered brain development. She has published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Alongside this focused research effort, Dr. Inder has acquired leadership skills in neuroscience research and academic activities, including mentorship. Dr. Inder was recruited to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2013 as Chair of the new Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine.

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