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Help Build the Future of Neonatal Therapy – in 2 Minutes or Less!

When I first considered forming NANT, I asked myself many questions.

“How many neonatal therapists are there in the USA?”

“How many are OT, versus PT versus SLP?”

“How many of us are there in the WORLD??”

“How long are we mentored?”

“Will my husband think I’ve lost my mind?”

And the list went on and on. Funny thing was, I couldn’t answer any of those questions! (Ok- except the last one. He’s my best supporter.)

These are hugely important questions. I can now estimate based on our membership or based on the number of level III NICUs in the US. But that doesn’t allow you to have a voice. And it’s not real.

(And I do wonder how many of us exist in the WORLD?)

We need to gather important information about who we are and what we do in order to move forward in your best interest.

These are basic questions. Valuable questions. And we need you to answer them!

Click here to access our survey. And know that we’ll compile this info AND we’ll share it at the conference and beyond.

Someday you’ll say, “Remember when we had to take a survey because we didn’t even know how many of us there were?”

This is the fun part. Making history. Yea, that’s you. Thank you!