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Evidence And Confidence At Your Fingertips: NANT 7 Digital Mastery Pack Is Here

As a neonatal therapist or NICU professional of any kind, you want to ensure you’re doing the right thing, for the right reasons, using the best evidence. You want to feel confident and well supported. (And of course, this is what the babies deserve.)

So you ask questions such as:

“Can you tell me where I can find evidence for _____________?”

“As a neonatal PT, how can I better understand and explain the effect of respiration on feeding and vice versa?”

“How are NICUs managing safe sleep practices AND developmental positioning?”

“What’s my role in supporting breastfeeding?” “What about feeding babies with cardiac issues?”

“How do father’s feel in the NICU and is there any evidence regarding how to support them?”

Or you may find yourself saying:

“I wish I could just peek inside [expert’s] head to understand how she’d reason through this case.” (At NANT 7 you got a detailed look into the advanced clinical reasoning skills of Kara Ann Waitzman and Shannon Usher. Priceless.)

But you also have very little time to search for that evidence and/or the latest practices available. You wish someone would just gather most of it in one common place for you.

At NANT, we love nothing more than making the journey a little easier and a lot less lonely for you.

We’re thrilled to provide you with the answers to those questions above and MANY more through the genius and generosity of the consented NANT 7 speakers via 18 video presentations straight from the national stage, organized into one educational experience called the Neonatal Therapy Digital Mastery Pack.

If you’re thinking, “I’m so burned out I don’t feel like learning one more thing,” start by watching the keynote presentations from day 1 and 2.

The Digital Mastery Pack Includes:

Immediate On-Demand Access to NICU-Specific Education including 18 presentations shot live at NANT 7 (check out the scoop about each presentation here).

PowerPoint Handouts for each talk so you can keep track of the most vital take home messages from each presentation (Downloadable PDF)

Entry into TWO drawings – depending on when you order.

Time back in your day that you used to spend searching for the latest evidence. Drs. Pineda and Posky summarize it for you in Neonatal Therapy Science: The Year in Review. Because they’re amazing, they also created a printable handout with a summary of all of that evidence so it can live at your fingertips.

There is nowhere else in the world to find this nationally presented high-quality neonatal-therapy-specific content.

 And a note to our nurse and physician colleagues – the physicians and nurses that attended NANT 7 were pleasantly surprised by the new information and perspectives they gained. As one nurse said, “I’m coming back next year and bringing several members of my team.”

We believe you thrive when engaged in new endeavors that both educate and inspire.

We’re confident that you’ll find some of each in the Digital Mastery PackSee for yourself!