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4th Annual NANT Conference Highlights

It can be difficult to capture the spirit of an event on video. But you make it look easy.

This video highlights not only the 4th Annual NANT Conference, but the palpable energy and camaraderie present there. We’re all working to improve neurodevelopment (in each moment and long-term) and there’s nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by like-minded friends and colleagues.

Thanks to each and every one of you. YOU are NANT. YOU are why any of this exists. YOU are improving the lives of babies and families worldwide. Take that in and enjoy the video.

We’ve reviewed the 40+ pages of feedback from the NANT Conference. Thanks for your honest comments, positivity and professionalism. Many of them, like this one below, made our day:

“After 20+ years of practice in this area it is difficult for me to find interesting and engaging learning opportunities. Thank you for the best conference I have ever been to in all my years! I had very high expectations given the speaker subjects and poster titles and I am rarely satisfied when I have such high expectations but wow! My expectations were exceeded at this event – thank you thank you!”

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