Tiny Hearts: A Poem From Premature Babies To Those That Love Them

By Sue Ludwig

Being born early
I knew I was small
Would I ever grow up
Would I ever be tall?

(Would I be lucky enough to grow up at all?)

I was surrounded by care
The mission was clear
Help me survive
And lessen the fear.

Family surrounded me
Oh how they cared
Shaky hands and big hearts
It was love that they shared.

I struggled and snuggled
I grew and I grew
By gram and centimeter
My footprints are proof.

I couldn’t have known
But am told that it’s true
I was supported by others
By friends like you.

For a very small person
This is very big news
An army of heroes
Helping the few.

I may never meet you
So hear me today
Thank you for caring,
Going out of your way.

We’re forever connected
Friends for all time
Forged by our purpose
Hearts intertwined.

©Sue Ludwig
Originally written for Friends of Tiny Hearts


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