NANT’s focus is supporting neonatal therapists. However, membership may also serve the interests and needs of many other neonatal care providers. Membership is therefore extended to those who are drawn to our mission, regardless of discipline.

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What Your Membership Includes:

1 On-Demand Video

The member hub is chock full of on-demand highly specialized videos and audios hand selected from NANT’s vast educational resources. Videos are arranged by topic in alignment with the Neonatal Therapy Core Scope of Practice so you can efficiently streamline your learning experiences and meet the needs of your schedule. Access to the hub is an exclusive member-only benefit.

2 Specialized Online

Learn how to add value and expertise to your role in the NICU. Experts in the neonatal space examine topics ranging from clinical neonatal therapy (OT, PT, SLP) practice and research to vital but neglected subjects such as ways to create new mindsets, systems and practices that will allow you to create positive changes in your life and work. Presented 10x a year via webinar or teleseminar and recorded for on-demand convenience within the member hub.

3 Real World

Monthly Inner Circle Mentoring Calls give you access to direct coaching from a multidisciplinary group of NANT leaders including NANT’s President. Receive tangible resources and reliable guidance and support while providing services to a most vulnerable population.

4 Networking and

Connect with your friends and colleagues, and share your professional questions, victories, and outcomes in your Member-Only Forum.

Your Membership Benefits in Detail:

Special Topic Calls

Most of us run through our days hoping we’re doing the right thing. We do the best we can to gain knowledge as we go. These monthly calls (in webinar format) will deepen your professional knowledge and give you practical tools to support your self-care in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Hand selected experts will examine topics ranging from clinical practice and research to little discussed subjects such as ways to create new mindsets, systems and practices that will allow you to create positive changes in your life and practice.

Inner Circle Mentoring Calls

Whether a new or experienced neonatal therapist, we all have questions arise. Sometimes we just need reassurance that what we’re doing is on target.

This monthly group mentoring call will give you access to direct coaching, which allows you to get the guidance and support you need while providing service to a most vulnerable population.

As part of the expert guidance package, each of the above teleseminars will be recorded in downloadable mp3 format in case you miss the live call, or if you want to listen again.

Free Nationwide Marketing

Members get the opportunity to share their member news and events on the NANT Website Member Only Events Page at no charge. (Priceless!)

Intentional Caregiving DVD

This is what no one teaches you in healthcare. You are expert at what you do. But HOW you do what you do and WHO YOU ARE as you’re doing it matters. It matters to the patients and families you care for, your colleagues, and your family and friends. And at the end of the day, it matters to you. Work doesn’t end neatly at the close of your shift and life doesn’t begin the moment you return home. It’s all one life. Presented by NANT President and Founder Sue Ludwig, Intentional Caregiving in the NICU presents real life examples of how to live and work in a more intentional way. This is not fluffy or sentimental. It’s relevant, clinically important and life-changing! Complete 3 simple steps toward intentional caregiving and experience positive changes in your life and in your care of healthcare’s most fragile patients.

Member Forum

Members only site! Connect with your peers and share your professional questions, victories and outcomes on your member only site.

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