Guest Post: Top 5 Reasons to Become a Certified Neonatal Therapist (CNT)

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The response to neonatal therapy certification in its first year of existence has been exciting, with more than 100 therapists certified or in the process of certification! Certified Neonatal Therapists (CNTs) currently hail from 32 states and 3 countries.

This image represents the world’s first Certified Neonatal Therapists (CNTs) who were also present at NANT 7. For the complete list of CNTs please click here

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should get certified in neonatal therapy, along with some input from our first group of CNTs:

1) If you meet the standards, you possess the knowledge. We are frequently asked, “How hard is the test?” If you have met the minimum standards for neonatal therapy certification and have kept up to date on changes in practice in the NICU, it is likely that you have what it takes to do well on the examination. The first generation of the Neonatal Therapy Certification Exam has a very high passing rate, with an average score of 94% (± 3%).

Here are some of the quotes we’ve received from CNTs about the exam:

“I was nervous about the test. It’s been years since I took this kind of exam. I was relieved when the questions were straightforward and answers were based on the literature.”

“It was a very easy process and fair exam.”

“I felt the test was well rounded for all disciplines.”

2) Neonatal therapy certification is a great value. The NTNCB makes significant efforts to keep the cost of certification limited to only what is required to maintain the infrastructure needed for certification. Much of the cost of certification allows for the convenience of testing centers close to where you work and live. We have been able to keep our costs to less than half of other specialty certifications offered through national therapy organizations.

Members of the NTNCB are hearing from more and more rehab managers and hospital administrators wanting to know about neonatal therapy certification. According to a recent survey, 41% of CNTs had their employer at least partially pay for certification. Many employers are also starting to give pay rate incentives for those who are certified. However, the true value of neonatal therapy certification is recognition of clinical excellence and credibility among professional colleagues. The babies we serve are worth it!

“I was going to get certified anyways. So when I submitted paperwork to my employer and they reimbursed it, it was a huge bonus.”

“CNT qualified as a bonus certification in my organization.  It qualifies me for a 2% salary increase.” 

3) Be part of the buzz! What are you waiting for?

Here are reasons our first CNTs became certified:

“To help establish that there are standards of practice and that I am an expert in my field.”

“Obtaining credentials to validate my experience and knowledge in the NICU is vital in our changing healthcare environment.”

“It’s important to clarify what therapists should know when working with this specialized population.”

4) In addition to being recognized, you might learn something! Once you submit your application, you will have access to an extensive list of references, with updated resources that contribute to today’s practice. It is an opportunity to remind yourself of all the things you know, and to review things that can contribute to the care you provide on a daily basis.

“I had to study some areas that I was less familiar with, but a good portion of the material was very much what I knew from clinical experience. In light of how much time I put in with the study materials, I felt the test was pretty easy.”

“I learned a lot before the test and after the test too, as I delved back into some articles. It was a great experience!”

“I found the exam to be an appropriate accumulation of the info that represents the vast area that we serve. It was so helpful to have that amazing list of resources to review and study.”

5) If you have met the minimum requirements for neonatal therapy certification, get certified, elevate the profession, and join the growing network of CNTs. The first group of CNTs are an experienced, caring and talented group of professionals. We look forward to seeing more neonatal therapists earn the credential ‘CNT’.

For more information on becoming a CNT, go to www.ntncb.com and check us out on Facebook @neonataltherapynationalcertification. We can also be reached via email: info@ntncb.com.

Current geographical representation of CNTs

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