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Your New Year’s Resolution



Some you love. Some you hate.

Some you broke right outa the gate.

You toil and labor

and fight for the summit

feeling the pressure to

avoid a big plummet.

You rant and rave

wanting to flee

the year you’ve set up

and it’s only day 3.

Well you’re in luck

here’s a way to consider

two thousand fourteen

without being so bitter.

It’s time to start over

a shiny clean slate

versus 1000 things

to add to your plate.

Others will push you

oh this is true

to schedule the things

THEY want you to do.

But you are wiser

and braver than that

only you know yourself

and that is a fact.

So be gentle, not harsh

as you look straight ahead

untarnished and bright

let go of the dread.

For this is your life

and the really cool thing

is you get to start over

and over again.

Decide to improve

and still set your goals

but don’t rake your dreams

over super-hot coals.

There is wisdom in timing

so space some things out

enjoy your life daily

believe through the doubt.

Love and forgive

and be there for them

those people you love

both family and friends.

Do something that matters

straight from the heart

never once doubting

your unique part.

The New Year awaits

with unforeseen gifts.

Keep your calendar open

for mind-blowing shifts.

2014 is your clean shiny slate.

Make it your #1 best year to date.