Your Legacy in the NICU

By Sue Ludwig

A candle loses nothing by lighting another. -James Keller

Take this quote with you into the new year as you continue to pursue knowledge and excellence. It creates a great visual reminder that hoarding knowledge does not elevate anyone, not even the hoarder, nor do you lose anything by teaching what you know. In fact, you gain a lot more than you expected.

Sharing knowledge, passing the torch, teaching those eager to learn (and even those not so eager to learn) are the things legacies are made of. That might sound grandiose, but you all know someone in your own NICU who left a legacy of high quality work, compassionate care, advocacy, specialized knowledge shared for the greater good, humor, collaboration – the list goes on and on.

What did you admire about them? How did they make your unit a better place to work or a better place to care for tiny humans and their families?

Whether you have 6 months or 30 years left in your career, consider what you want to pass on to those who will carry your teachings to NICU parents, babies, and colleagues long after your time there.

Look around while you are at work today. Consider that you can make an impact on those people, that place. Consider that it feels incredible to be generous and approachable. Go light some candles.

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