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Using NANT Resources to Improve the NICU – Mastery Implementation Contest Winners Show us how it’s Done! (Part 2)

Contest Winners

In February of 2013 the National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT) held a Mastery Implementation Contest to discover and recognize everyday leaders in the NICU who gained mastery in their practice and career by using credible resources to implement new strategies for education, skill development, competency, or patient care in the NICU.

Professionals who entered the contest were asked to include how their efforts directly or indirectly benefitted NICU patients.

Necolette Boyce PT, CLT-LANA, Stefanie Tritschler OT and Marie McGettigan MD of Cox South Hospital in Springfield, MO were recognized (as a team) as one of 2 winners of NANT’s contest!

This team was recently recognized among hundreds of colleagues at the 3rd Annual NANT Conference held in Fort Worth Texas. They will also be a featured guest on a special NANT teleseminar in July 2013 titled: Mastering the Art of Implementation in the NICU.

The Cox South Hospital team used the resources and education they gained regarding the late preterm infant (LPI) from the 2012 NANT Conference and DVD Set to (in part):

  • Develop a brochure about the late preterm infant (LPI) with the help from colleagues, which was then approved by Cox South Hospital for educational purposes.
  • Increase therapy involvement and education with late preterm infants by implementing an improved referral system for this population.
  • With the completion of the brochure, improved multidisciplinary parent education (nurses, therapists, neonatologists).
  • Present educational information on the LPI to the Pediatric Physician Group in charge of the newborn nursery to better educate those parents as well.

This experience showed the team that when each colleague brings ideas and resources to the table and supports each other through the process, much can be accomplished.

On behalf of the National Association of Neonatal Therapists, I commend the Cox South Hospital Team for their initiative, collaboration and effort to improve the lives of NICU patients by using credible resources to educate and inspire.



Sue Ludwig OTR/L
President and Founder
National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT)

(Hear more about how the Cox South Hospital team created these positive changes during our July teleseminar. Details coming in early July!)