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This Is What Happens When Members Are On A Mission

“You can have the greatest mission statement in the world, but it’s pointless unless you have people who are on a mission.” – Jon Gordon

The above quote is reflected in the framed picture below, along with the star-filled image of the night sky in Cincinnati, Ohio, on October 1, 2009 – the day I founded NANT.

This thoughtful reminder was a gift from my daughter many years ago. You may have seen it hanging on my office wall during Zoom meetings, Launch Leadership sessions, and the 2020 and 2021 virtual NANT conferences. It’s important to me for so many reasons, but YOU, Members, are the most profound one. Without you, there is no NANT, no passionate community to support. There is no mission or vision to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes for babies in the NICU through the unique contributions of neonatal therapy.

And today, we, the NANT Team, want to thank every Member. Your desire to be part of this mission, deep commitment to the specialty and each other, and dedication to the tiny patients you serve led to a 20% increase in NANT Membership in 2022! Your energy is contagious.

You have proven that it doesn’t take millions of people to change the world. You have demonstrated that a highly niched community that knows its purpose and is willing to collaborate can optimize the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of babies around the globe.

So while you’re doing the hard work in the NICU today, remember that you are an invaluable part of something bigger. We see you: clinicians, researchers, professors, mentors, leaders, innovators, and students. We appreciate you. We are excited to get up every day and support you.

Thank you, NANT Members. The growth in your numbers is a nod to the future of neonatal therapy and the future of developmental outcomes.