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The World Is Waiting: Write Your Ideas Into Reality

In the spring of 2008 I decided, uncharacteristically, to go to a women’s retreat in Asheville, North Carolina. (Here’s a photo from that retreat.)

I say uncharacteristically because I was not the type of person that went to retreats. No way. Sitting in a room with other women with the expectation of sharing feelings was not my gig. Not remotely within my comfort zone.

AND I didn’t know anyone else who was attending the retreat. Had never been to Asheville. Had never met the person, Christine Kane, who was leading the retreat.

I went anyway. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

At the close of the retreat, which was, to my relief, nothing like the touchy-feely-fest I feared it would be, Christine encouraged us to write down at least 3 things we would do (giving action to our intentions) within the next 3 months, and then 6 months.

To my surprise I found myself writing this:

Within the next five YEARS I will have a CONVERSATION at a national level about Someone starting an organization for therapists who work in the neonatal intensive care unit.

As you can see I chose a 5-year deadline. Who writes down a goal about a conversation and gives herself 5 years to achieve it? Someone whose idea shakes her foundation, that’s who. (This hesitation could also be described as our good friend FEAR.)

But there’s something about writing things down that makes the universe pay attention – as if your script is an affirmation that a creative notion just got its legs.

I met that goal in 6 months instead of five years. So I had to write down a new intention for the ultimate idea and figure out where to find Someone who knew how to breathe life into it.

FEAR wanted me to search for a leader. Creativity had already chosen one.

NANT was born one year later. Six years later neonatal therapists from 9 countries have joined us to improve developmental outcomes for babies and families.

Your ideas are powerful. Life-changing. Especially when you write them down.

Write one down today. In a journal, on a hospital cafeteria napkin, in a Word document on your computer. Wherever.


P.S. I just read the new and incredible book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It resonates (i.e. chills down to my toes) with my own journey in founding NANT. When you read it, you will begin to notice how you partner with your creative contributions. Liz Gilbert paves your roads with permission slips to create #bigmagic. The world is open and waiting.