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The Two Most Important Quotes for the Class of 2015 (A great reminder for us all)

You might wonder why I’m posting something in the NANT Newsletter about graduation. Well first of all, our son graduated from high school this weekend so it’s all fresh and tangible, and it seems like you guys have watched him grow up in these pages – he was just 12 when I founded NANT – so I didn’t think you’d mind.

Secondly, graduation represents many things we all deal with in life: new frontiers, new opportunities, lessons learned, camaraderie, a sense of completion and something we sometimes forget as adults – unscripted possibility.

Somewhere along the way, we forget that while the future may seem as certain as the day is long, we know in our gut that it’s just not so. And that’s both the good and the bad news, right?

But seeing all of those caps and gowns and broad smiles of achievement made me silently promise (and now not so silently) that I will never forget that life grants us the gift of possibility.

Possibility for travel, a new job, a new life after your old one was somehow stamped out or upended, healing, and growth. So it may seem odd to bring all that to you, my colleagues, but here’s the thing: graduation is fantastic, but it’s a moment in time, a stake in the ground. You have the power to build your own moments in time and put your own stakes in the ground.

And THAT, my friends is something we can all celebrate together.

These two guys (you may have heard of them) summed up my thoughts beautifully, for the class of 2015 and for you:


Did you read them?

Because they include you. And the class of 2015.

There are 1,000 ways to use your unscripted possibilities to better the world. Pick one and go do it.

P.S. – Your possibilities do NOT have to fit in the category we call: JOB. Your life is a circle and your job is a slice. There are many ways to come alive and improve every little corner of the world. Good luck out there.