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The Global Impact of Your NICU Work (Yes, Yours)

You’re sitting alone, deciding whether to submit to speak at NANT 15 – Thrive Together. The committee in your head tells you that others have more knowledge, time, expertise – more something.

You’re afraid your abstract might be declined (I’ve been there), or maybe even worse, accepted – then you will have more deadlines to meet and must stand on a stage facing an international audience of your peers.

It’s a brave decision because it’s vulnerable work. Only those who have clicked ‘submit’ or stood on such stages fully understand that vulnerability.

But here’s something to consider: What if it’s not about you?

What if it’s really about the individual humans in the audience who will benefit from your work? What if it’s about advancing research and practice or challenging the status quo? What if it’s about the positive effect your perspective and work could have on thousands of babies and families all over the world?

Below are quotes directly from the NANT 14 evaluations. There were plenty of constructive suggestions as well. (We can’t improve without feedback.) But notice the presenters’ impact. Notice the ripple effect.

“Outstanding presentation! I will remember this speaker and content throughout my professional career.”

“One of the most excellent and relevant presentations I have ever attended.”

“Great job taking such a difficult topic and simplifying it in such a short amount of time! Definitely expanded my understanding and will help me with caregiver education and support in the future.”

“This speaker awakened an interest in a topic I didn’t know I liked so much!”

“Loved the interdisciplinary collaboration!”

“Great presentation! Answered many of the questions I have had about a few tough cases and will be using this as a resource again!”

“Fantastic presentation of complexities and solutions for treatment of this challenging diagnosis.”

“This presentation needs to be a requirement for all healthcare practitioners not NICU team members only.”

If you’re on the fence, tell the committee in your head to kindly take a summer vacation while you step toward the next version of yourself in the name of babies and the professionals who serve them.

Click here to begin. Submission deadline: August 12, 2024