The 2016 NANT Conference Agenda – Serving Multiple Disciplines With A Common Vision

It’s an interesting challenge to create a conference agenda that serves multiple disciplines at every turn. But that’s exactly what we strive to do for you each year at the NANT Conference. It only makes sense, since our mission is to support neonatal OTs, PTs and SLPs.

And of course we have to consider what best serves babies and families in the NICU. Where are the gaps in our knowledge that could be affecting bedside care? What IS the evidence for what we do? What are the top 10 questions we continue to receive at NANT and what are we doing to not only answer those questions, but SOLVE those problems?

For example, during nearly every Inner Circle Mentoring Call (ICMC) for NANT Members, we address questions related to multiple disciplines working in the NICU. Questions about assessment, charging, goal setting, and intervention without duplication of services.

It’s a complex topic.

The good news: one of the last sessions of the conference will focus on the top questions in this area and provide real and valuable answers from management and/or director level experts. You will leave with zero confusion about how to incorporate the unique aspects of each profession without duplication of services within a completely collaborative environment.

A fantastic blend of evidence, practice, policy, networking, exposure to new products and services, and unparalleled support. (We also tend to feed you well. You’ve spent decades of your life eating lunch in 12 mins or less. We believe you deserve a refreshing change from that experience.)

But don’t take my word for any of this. Click here to check out the agenda for yourself.

And if you need the whole brochure to seek funding for the event, click here to download the brochure.

Expect to leave with new knowledge. Expect to experience a unique event. Expect to meet incredible colleagues from all over the world. Expect to be inspired.

Note: Registration will go live next Tuesday, December 8th. We had a >50 person waiting list at the 2015 conference, so we’ve added many additional spaces in hopes that we’ll see each of you in Orlando. If you’re newer to NANT, know that nearly everyone registers within the Early Bird period, so the earlier you can register the better.