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The #1 Intention for the NANT Conference

Enter To Win

As many of you know I have a mentor. (Well I have several, but Christine Kane is my business Mentor with a capital M.) After working with her for 5 years, I believe she knows you almost as well as I do. She truly understands the vision and depth of NANT’s mission and how important it is to serve you well.

We review all the things the conference committee and I are doing to prepare for the NANT Conference. Details upon details. Sometimes they make my head spin.

As usual, Christine suggests that instead of going to that place in my head where all I can hear is, "We have so much to do I can’t even think," that I choose a different route. She suggests that I think about you.

She challenges me to think about what I want you to feel like when you arrive at the conference. About those of you who know 20 other people there and those of you who bravely arrive alone. Whether you’ve been a therapist (or nurse or…) for 30 years, 3 years or 3 months. Whether you’re planning your daughter’s wedding or you just got married yourself.

What do I want you to learn? What has this committee worked so hard for you to experience?

It’s pretty simple.

I want you to feel welcome. Regardless of your experience level, discipline, credentials, or personal circumstances. I want you to learn something new and practical. I want you to feel a renewed sense of passion for what you do and realize you have one of the most important jobs on the planet.

I want you to grow. From the education, the exhibitors, the energy in the room and the cool person you happen to sit next to on day one.

I don’t want you to just attend a conference. I want you to have a shared experience with a powerful group of neonatal therapists and caregivers. I want you to come away with the little spring in your step you forgot you had.

I want you to have fun! I want you to be inspired.

All those things won’t fit on the official conference eval form! But they are my real goals.

And ya know what?

Suddenly, my busy brain is quite grounded. I have my intention back. The intention is you.