Submit Your Work: This Is Why It’s Worth It

By Sue Ludwig

You’re sitting alone trying to decide whether to submit to speak at NANT 10. The committee in your head is busy telling you that there are others that have more knowledge, more time, more expertise, more something.  

You’re afraid your abstract might be declined (I’ve been there), or maybe even worse, accepted – then you might have to stand on a stage facing an international audience. It’s a brave decision to be sure. Because it’s vulnerable. Only those who have clicked ‘submit’ or stood on such stages fully understand that vulnerability.   

But here’s something to consider: what if it’s not about you? 

What if it’s really about the individual humans in the audience who will benefit from your work? What if it’s about advancing research and practice and challenging the status quo? What if it’s about the positive effect your perspective and work could have on thousands of babies and families all over the world? 

Jan Brunstrom-Hernandez, M.D. NANT 9 Keynote Speaker

Below are several quotes directly from the NANT 9 course evaluations. There were plenty of constructive suggestions as well. (We can’t improve without feedback.) But notice the impact. Notice the ripple effect.  

 I really enjoyed learning about problem-solving and solutions for the medically complex infant cases she has experienced. Very well-organized presentation and great speaker. 

Your presentation will provide me with further evidence to discuss with the neonatologist as well as our team!” 

This speaker was very engaging, with excellent research and information that has impacted my practice and changed the recommendations I make to physicians, nurses, and parents regarding oral feeds when on respiratory support. 

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE SESSION!! HER RESEARCH ACTUALLY BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES! I have been so wanting the research to back my thought process as an SLP for swallowing and airway protection and she handed this to us on a platter! Engaging speaker, dynamic, full of heart and passion. Please bring her back every year. This was the one of my deciding factors to attend this conference for the first time. She alone was worth every penny spent! Though the entire conference was phenomenal! I cant wait for the next one! 

Dr. Jan wove together the medical aspects of CP, the long-term effects and outcomes, and her story in a way that I will never forget. Incredible presentation. I will remember her and her presentation for the rest of my career. 

Very helpful to have a nursing perspective to explore topics therapists interact with daily but are less likely to have a deeper understanding about. Absolutely fascinating talk on the microbiome -thank you for presenting this information to therapists! 

I wait all year for this presentation.  I am in awe of both of you and so appreciative of the work that you are doing to help neonatology.It was a great review of all the research conducted from 2018.” 

Appreciate the research studies shared on long term implications of unmanaged pain and non-pharmacological interventions.  Thanks for sharing what you did in your unit!  Great model for improving pain management. Definitely will use this information. 

I loved the information in this presentation, and the ease in which it was presented!  Thank you for empowering us to improve the breastfeeding rates on our units with useful strategies and information! 

Really was exactly what I needed. As a leader who is growing weary, a sense of renewal began. So excited to grow myself more as a leader. Great table discussions and self-reflection. 

As a neonatal PT, this was my favorite topic! I loved the information that was provided and the videos were great. So amazing to see how these therapists impacted their patients. 

If you’re on the fence, tell the committee in your head to kindly take a summer vacation while you take a step toward the next version of yourself in the name of babies and the professionals who serve them.  

Click here to begin.  

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