Special Delivery: Neonatal Therapy Certification Has Arrived

By The NTNCB | 1 comments

Congratulations neonatal therapists around the world! 

After years of collaboration, the NTNCB has completed the process and established requirements for neonatal therapy certification.  Beginning November 1, 2016 you can apply for neonatal therapy certification, which will acknowledge your unique and highly specialized expertise.

To prepare for certification:

  1. Visit www.ntncb.com.

  2. Enter your contact information at the website.

  3. Download the Application Checklist.

  4. Download the Verification of Clinical Hours form from the application checklist, where you will document 3500 hours of experience in the NICU.

  5. Create a personal certification file to collect your scanned documents, which will include the Verification of Clinical Hours form, documentation of 40 hours of continuing education, a copy of your license, professional registration or credential to practice, and your curriculum vitae.

  6. Carve out approximately one hour to upload documents and complete the application.

  7. You may start the online application process on November 1, 2016 at 9am EST.

Don’t forget! NTNCB is offering a one time only discount to the first 50 therapists who complete their application in November 2016 and take the certification exam in March 2017. These first 50 applicants will receive a $200 discount on the examination fee.  Applicants in the first 50 group will be notified of their eligibility for the examination fee discount when they receive notification of their eligibility to take the neonatal therapy certification examination.

NANT and NTNCB are excited to formally recognize the expertise and invaluable contributions neonatal therapists provide to fragile and preterm infants. Your skills are critical to enable the best possible outcomes for this high-risk population. Certification sets a standard for knowledge and experiences necessary for safe and effective practice, and certification will tell your colleagues, consumers and health care establishments that you have achieved such excellence.

One comment to “Special Delivery: Neonatal Therapy Certification Has Arrived

  • Shiromi

    Great work …
    Thanks for giving opportunity ….

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