Post Conference Re-Entry – One Vital Way to Combat Overwhelm


You were there. At the NANT Conference.

You met a bazillion amazing people and learned new practices. You gained knowledge and have some surprising statistics to take back about everything from the late pre-term infant to thickened feeds.

You step foot into your NICU and it’s like you’re wearing new glasses. You’re relieved to see your NICU does a lot of things really well. AND you see the gaps immediately.

You think of all the talks you attended and become so overwhelmed about where to begin that it’s nearly depressing. I call this ‘post conference re-entry’.

Here’s the good news. To combat the overwhelm….

Choose just one thing.

Like I said in my keynote, we tend to start 10 projects and complete about 50% of each of them, then become frustrated that we haven’t moved forward.

Instead choose one topic from which your unit could benefit.

Break it into small doable steps. If you don’t know all the steps, make a rough outline. Pretend there are no obstacles. (Really, humor yourself with this. Intend that it will work as planned.)

Look at step 1.

Maybe step 1 is scheduling a meeting with your team?

Your first task is then the act of scheduling the meeting. Schedule it now- as in, minimize the NANT Newsletter and email them now. (Remember you can even schedule the meeting for 3 weeks from now AS LONG AS you schedule it!)

And LOOK- you just completed step 1!

Get your key players, schedule your timeline and go. As slowly or as quickly as you wish. But move forward.

Intend a smooth ride. Prepare for a roller coaster.

Bring your clarity. Let go of what no longer serves.

Gather the team. Set aside the ego.

Celebrate every small step of the way.

(And keep me posted!!)


Thank You

Thanks again to our NANT 365 Corporate Sponsors: GE Healthcare, Philips Children’s Medical Ventures and KC Biomedix and to all of our exhibitors.

Exchanging the knowledge, passion and products that aid our patients is mutually beneficial. Your support helps us provide an amazing conference experience. This was definitely a team effort! Thank you for participating!