Photo Preview of NANT 7

By Sue Ludwig

I could tell you so much about the space we chose for NANT 7 in Phoenix.

But I’d rather show you.

The photos below are from our very own event at the Wigwam Resort in 2015. You guys loved this property so much that we chose to return, pronto. We’ve lost count of how many of you have said, “I’m SO glad we’re going back to the Wigwam!” There’s just something about that place that extends beyond the palm trees and pristine winding paths.

In 2017 we’ll nearly have the place to ourselves. So almost everyone you run into will be there for the same purpose- pretty cool stuff.

We review roughly a kagillion properties every year. There are multiple factors to consider in making the final choice. Most importantly, you.

And the collective YOU appeared pretty happy there:


When I sat at that retreat in 2008 and wrote down my intentions for an organization like NANT, I could not have conceived of this. We get to host a high-quality educational event that gathers all our favorite people together for shared wisdom, learning, and inspiration.

I am humbled by this adventure. And I’m in awe of your contributions to research, practice, competency, and leadership. We cannot wait to host you in April while you reimagine your impact on a whole new level.

For more information about NANT 7 please visit the conference website here.

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