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Partner Spotlight: Changing the First 24 Hours for the Better

As babies make their journey from womb to world, their senses awaken to a world of bright lights, loud sounds, and the loss of the gentle protection the womb provided. Their newborn skin is quickly exposed and at its most vulnerable. As a baby’s biggest sensory organ, and the ultimate barrier to infection, skin should be protected at all costs.

Wetness indicators in diapers have helped with detecting urine so that soiled diapers can quickly be changed to protect the skin. However, a single wetness indicator doesn’t work 100% of the time. When born, a baby’s stomach is as small as a cherry, which means their output is as little as 10mL. Considering the many positions that a baby can be held for feeding, plus the different areas of a diaper where boys and girls can produce output, it’s easy to understand how their tiny output can miss coming into contact with a single stripe.

This can be stressful for families and healthcare professionals trying to detect output within the first 24-48 hours. If no urine is detected, this can create concern over whether the baby is feeding. Diapers can be wasted from tearing them open to look for output, and delays in detection can mean delays in discharge from the hospital. For the baby, a wet diaper that remains undetected can be a threat to their fragile skin.

The latest innovation from Pampers on Swaddlers sizes Preemie P1, Newborn, and 1 aims to provide reliable detection of urine and watery stool to protect skin. With the Pampers Multi-Stripe Wetness Indicator™, as little as 10mL of urine can be detected for both boys and girls, regardless of a baby’s position. This means hospital staff can spend less time ripping open diapers to detect output and be able to model care for parents who are worried about whether their baby is feeding enough. Pampers Swaddlers are clinically proven gentle for newborn skin with an Absorb Away Liner™, which pulls urine and runny stool away from fragile skin, an Umbilical Cord Notch to protect baby’s delicate belly with a contoured fit, and Blankie Soft™ Material which provides the ultimate in touchable softness.

Changing the first 24 hours for the better, Pampers Multi-Stripe Wetness Indicator™:

  • Provides three lines of detection, versus one line, for early, accurate detection of urine
  • Saves time and prevents waste, as there is no need to tear apart diapers to search for output
  • Moms can confidently and exclusively breastfeed
  • Early detection of soiled diapers helps care for baby’s fragile skin
  • Alleviates worry of staying an extra night due to delayed discharge

Learn more about the advanced benefits of Pampers Swaddlers, co-designed with healthcare professionals and made exclusively for hospitals HERE.