Partner Spotlight: A Preemie Diaper That Helps Promote Healthy Development

By By: Kati Knudsen, PT, MPT, CNT, PCS, DCS, CLE

An infant born at just 23 weeks is unbelievably small and fragile. While in the NICU, very few things are more important than sleep, yet some interruptions cannot be avoided, such as necessary medical assessments. One thing that too often interrupts sleep is diaper changes. While we work with medical staff and parents to support these babies, Pampers® is there to help with innovative preemie diaper technology that supports uninterrupted sleep to promote babies’ neurodevelopment.

Did you know that something that seems so simple, like a diaper, can have features that work around the clock to support the sleep and development of our most fragile patients? I want to introduce you to advanced preemie diapers that not only absorb and prevent leaks to minimize disruption of precious sleep but also allow for diaper changes in any position to promote developmental care, including more skin-to-skin holding. These diapers have special features to protect skin both inside and out of the diaper and to promote healthy positioning and development. Advanced diapers can be a critical tool for improving our care for the world’s most fragile patients.

Pampers® Preemie Swaddlers™ were developed in partnership with neonatal therapists and nurses to create a design that helps support healthy development.

Support Sleep and Neurodevelopment
Pampers Preemie Swaddlers support up to six hours of absorbency for uninterrupted sleep. The Absorb Away Liner™ pulls urine and runny stool away from skin — the ultra- absorbent core locks them in. Soft, wraparound sides and deep dual-layered cuffs help prevent leaks. Premium leakage protection promotes sleep and allows more time for skin-to-skin bonding. Additionally, the tabs were designed to be quiet to further protect sleep.

Allow Healthy Positioning
The diaper’s flexible contoured core, front and back umbilical notches and all-over fastening with stretchy, re-attachable tabs enable healthy positioning. The soft materials around the hourglass-shaped core are designed to be flexible and compress to allow for proper alignment.

Protect Delicate Skin
Silky-soft materials are breathable with thousands of micropores that let air circulate through the diaper to help keep delicate skin dry and comfortable. Deep dual-layered cuffs allow a closer, flexible fit without skin indentation. Maximum absorbency and customizable fit contribute to premium leakage protection that protects underdeveloped skin from prolonged exposure to wetness.

Pampers Preemie Swaddlers were designed with development in mind. By incorporating feedback from neonatal healthcare professionals, Pampers has created a diaper that supports the long-term development of the most fragile infants. These diapers support optimal developmental care, including support for the sensory, neuromotor and integumentary systems of premature infants.

Learn more about the benefits of Pampers Preemie Swaddlers in sizes P2 and P3 here.

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