NICU Professionals: Small Teams Can Do Huge Things

By Sue Ludwig

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

Ever wonder who addresses the thousands of emails sent into NANT, who skillfully produces your online courses, secures credit (for 3-4 professions) for the 2,900+ CE learners we served last year, meticulously organizes every single communication that comes from NANT, plays ‘Oz’ behind the scenes on every Ignite Guidance Call, creates and delivers content for the Ignite and Launch Programs, manages the attendee/exhibitor/Partner/speaker/poster lists for NANT Conferences, sources the neonatal therapy merchandise you purchased at NANT 9, ensures the websites stay up and running, keeps everyone accountable for all project work, manages the budget, or visions the future?

While we have additional and incredible professional committees and collaboratives within NANT, all of the above x 100 is managed ‘in house’ by this small but mighty team. (Two awesome team members, Helma Kranz and Laura Dempsey are missing from the photo below).

Left to right: Chrysty Sturdivant, Kristie Passage, Tiphanie Nichols, Jenn Paulsen,
Jenene Craig, Sue Ludwig, Sandra Carroll, & Christy Gliniak

We spent time together at our annual Team Summit in Cincinnati last week, and I want you to know that each member of this team has your back. It’s vividly clear that they love to use their unique skills and passions to support neonatal therapists’ work in the world.

If you know any of us, much less all of us, you know there were strong opinions shared within those walls. What I appreciate most about this team is being able to truly listen to each other, ponder opposing views with respect, and move forward with no drama, hidden agendas, or ego (really!). And they are hilarious and vulnerable too, which makes the time not only productive, but connected and fun.

I want to reassure you that big meaningful things can be done by small passionate teams who want to change a corner of the world. You and your NICU colleagues are such teams. That project you’re working on right now that seems too overwhelming to accomplish – you will get there. One tiny intentional step at a time.

P.S. NANT Team – Using author Patrick Lencioni’s terms, you are hungry, humble, and smart. It’s a privilege to work with a team that feels like family. Thank you!

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