The NICU Professionals’ Gratitude List

By Sue Ludwig

We are so grateful that…

  • We work in a place that is futuristically technical and primal all at once.
  • No two days are alike. Except the coffee. There must be coffee.
  • Our patients are the sweetest and most tenacious on the planet (yes, biased).
  • As colleagues, despite all of our differences, we rally together in the best interest of babies every single time. The mission is clear.
  • We have learned firsthand that life is indeed precious. Every life. Every loss. Every baby. Every family. Every moment.
  • We witness a sacred time of development and fierce parental love that few will ever see.
  • Humor inevitably breaks the tension– a balance to the trauma, tears, and grief that go with our chosen specialty.
  • We have the privilege and responsibility of contributing to lifelong health and development.
  • We wear scrubs (we barely recognize each other in public).
  • We are taught life’s most valuable lessons by patients who cannot speak. They tell us their stories all day long through their behavior, medical stability, movements, and sleep patterns. They teach us that the secrets to life are ALL RIGHT HERE before our eyes, if we would only pay close attention.

Love. Compassion. Empathy. Tenacity. Respect. Presence. Intention. Resilience.

We work with the wisest of sages.

Everyday is Thanksgiving.

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