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New Opportunities for Involvement with NANT

Here’s the quick story:

New Opportunities for Involvement with NANT

Thanks to all of you, NANT is growing. And not just by a little bit.

We have more members than ever before, more initiatives to support, and more ground to cover. We have big plans for neonatal therapists.

To that end we are coming to you, our trusted members and followers, to help us grow. We have a total of 4 consultant role positions open in 2 categories.

Category 1: CEU Managers – (1) OT, (1) PT and (1) SLP

Category 2: Grant Writer (1)

To get the scoop on each of these opportunities and to complete phase 1 of the application process (a quick online form), please click on the following link:

Deadline: January 30th or until positions are filled.

Have a friend/colleague who loves this kind of work? If so, there’s a ‘tell a friend’ button on each of the pages that makes sharing the info a snap. You can find the Tell a Friend button on this page for the CEU Manager opportunities and on this page for the Grant Writer opportunity.

What I know about this group is that we never have to look far for expertise, dedication and passion. You show up. You jump in. You change things for the better. And you ‘get it’ on a very deep level that we’re doing this work not only to advance the field of neonatal therapy, but in the end, to improve the developmental outcomes of the babies we serve. And that’s why I love ya.

With any luck we’ll announce the new consultants by the end of February.

(If you feel excited and sort of half-nauseous after reading this it might be time to jump in. That’s what opportunity sometimes feels like!)

Is this your next chapter?