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New Course for Members – The Road to Excellence is Paved with Wrong Turns: Improving the Way we Honor our Bedside Mistakes

NANT Members – this course is available only to you. At this time of year, we nearly exclusively hear messages about achievement and resolutions. But you are an innately driven group of people. So contrary to what most of the world is saying right now, we challenge you to have self-compassion instead. We believe this course and its takeaways are a great way to begin the new year.

“Amazing presentation, so authentic. Left a lasting impression that will be remembered forever.” – Kaity Johnson, MA, CCC-SLP

“Louisa is a gifted speaker who brought such raw honesty, emotion, and transparency to the podium. She invited every attendee to witness her vulnerability, reflect on our own difficult moments, and discuss the many challenges of working in the NICU.” – Stacy Zediker, PT, CNT, NTMTC

Speaker: Louisa Ferrara-Gonzalez, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CNT, NTMTC is a Board-Certified Specialist in Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders, Certified Neonatal Therapist, Neonatal Touch and Massage Certified and Trauma-Informed Professional. She provides parent education and neonatal care through her private practice. Furthermore, she is currently a Clinical Researcher at NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island in New York. She is an Assistant Professor at Molloy College and a Board Member at the NTCB and Clinical Advisor at Innara Health. Dr. Louisa has published in high-standing peer-reviewed journals and is an internationally sought out speaker on the topic of neonatal feeding and swallowing development and disorders.

Course Title: The Road to Excellence is Paved with Wrong Turns: Improving the Way we Honor our Bedside Mistakes

Course Description : “To err is human” is a popular phrase we hear in healthcare; however, it does not seem to help anyone after an error was made. Admitting that a baby or family was potentially hurt by one of your mistakes is a personally daunting experience and one that may haunt you for years. In truth, we all have regrets, but how you self-reflect on your mistakes and use them to make conscious improvements to your practice is exactly how we can honor that experience and release any guilt we may feel.

This lecture is conversational in nature, as the presenter shares some stories of her least successful infant-parent and inter-professional interactions. Each story was followed by audience polling on the most striking error (to improve upon awareness skills), as well as a review of the evidence emphasizing the impact of that mistake. Each story is accompanied by clear steps to avoid future occurrences, improve success at the bedside and release guilty thoughts, through a review of the Self-Reconciliation Theory. This lecture has a strong focus on neurodevelopmental care, family-centered care, trauma-informed care, inter-professional practices, ethics, self-love, and forgiveness. Audience members will have an opportunity to share some of their mistakes and seek support from their peers in order to honor their errors and promote self-growth.

Target Audience: OT, SLP, PT, RN, MD and Neonatal professionals

Educational Level: Intermediate

CE Credit: This course does NOT offer CE credit but does offer a certificate of completion.

Access: This free course is available to NANT Members only.


  1. Describe the negative effects of errors on occupational stress, emotional wellbeing, and overall quality-of-life for healthcare providers in who work in the NICU
  2. Summarize important foundational theories to incorporate into their practice in attempts to improve upon any mistakes (i.e., neurodevelopmental care, family-centered care, trauma-informed care, inter-professional practices, self-reconciliation).
  3. List clear, evidence-based strategies to increase awareness of a mistake, as well as how to take action for improvements at bedside, and find forgiveness with themselves and co-workers.

Instructional Method: Recorded webinar, lecture, case studies, reflection time, and recorded question and answer session

“An insightful and moving presentation that reminded therapists of the importance of recognizing mistakes and learning from them without being too exceptionally harsh on themselves.” – Course attendee

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