Neonatal Therapists: The #1 Thing To Add To Your Calendar

By Sue Ludwig | 1 comments

It took me a long time to realize that one of the most important things I could add to my calendar was white space – time in which nothing is scheduled. Whether 15 minutes or 5 days, we benefit from having this flexible time. We may use it to sit in silence, connect with someone we love, travel – anything that refuels.

Soon, my daughter will move away to begin her adult life. So, we decided to use some white space we’d consciously set aside to go on a little mother-daughter trip.

It wasn’t convenient for either of us to safeguard that time. There is a lot going on. But even one year from now, I won’t remember what else seemed so important.

Take a look at your current calendar. Find some white space. Minutes, an afternoon, a day, a week. Protect it. Most everything else can wait while you fill yourself back up.

One comment to “Neonatal Therapists: The #1 Thing To Add To Your Calendar

  • This is my area on passion, commitment and I am looking forward to learn more.

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