NANT’s Launch Leadership Program

Are you a neonatal therapist running at lightning speed, trying to manage everything you’ve signed up for? If so, know this: The Launch Leadership Program teaches you how to create an aligned approach that will leave you feeling less scattered and more supported, grounded, and intentional – all while making more progress toward your goals than ever before. As a result, you can be focused and highly productive without being exhausted.

NANT VP Chrysty Sturdivant and I created this program to transform healthcare professionals into leaders using tools we wish we’d had a couple of decades ago. However, you do NOT have to have a leadership title or position to enroll.

This intimate ten-person program will help you develop life-changing personal and professional practices and implement practical strategies that enable you to lead from any position.

Click here to learn about the details and tangible takeaways included in this exclusive 6-month online leadership program.

*Pricing and enrollment will go live via this page on April 13th. The 2023 Launch Program runs from July-December with an On-Ramp call in June. In 2022, neonatal therapists filled all ten spots within 48 hours.

We can’t wait to get started.

Questions? Please email us here.

P.S. Launch Alums – can’t wait to hang out with you in 2 weeks!