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NANT Member Spotlight – 3 Reasons your Colleagues Need YOU to Contribute

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“Why me?

Why should I submit a Member Spotlight form to NANT? I’m just here working at the hospital, doing what everyone else is doing.”

Does this sound like the tape running in your head right now? If so, I really get it. This is how most of us think about the work we do.

And yet.

I know better because you email me questions about projects you’re working on and research you’re conducting. Or you’ve failed to mention that you have 25 years of experience and know certain neonatal subjects like the back of your hand – because that’s also what you teach as a professor. (That other area of expertise you didn’t mention.)

By and large you minimize your skill level and your unit’s advancements. You feel like if you know a subject well, that everyone must be the same. Or that every unit operates like yours. And it’s just not true.

A simple way to do that is to submit to be a NANT Member Spotlight.

3 Reasons your Colleagues Need YOU to Contribute:

1. You know your stuff.

Maybe it’s developmental care. Maybe it’s neurobehavioral assessment or the neuroendocrine system.

I guarantee that a good percentage of your colleagues cannot teach that subject effortlessly and confidently. There’s a place in the Member Spotlight form to discuss recent projects, successes/challenges and your areas of expertise.

One tiny bit of help from you, one nugget of information may help others advance their practice. Be their hero.

2. Your unique experience matters – not just your years of experience.

We receive many email questions about how to begin a neonatal therapy practice – maybe in a new level III NICU, or even in an ‘up and coming’ NICU in a foreign country with very limited resources.

Maybe you’ve forged your way through this process in your own hospital and learned a lot along the way. Mistakes and all, these are great lessons for others – music to their ears, someone else has been in the same boat and lived to tell about it! What a relief!

The whole world improves a little the day your share those insights.

3. Sharing your interests and successes is not bragging. It’s serving.

You are doing great work. The brief Member Spotlight allows you a simple way to share some of your triumphs and allows others to contact you (if you wish) as a resource on that subject.

We’re often uncomfortable putting ourselves in the ‘spotlight’. We don’t want to seem as if we’re tooting our own horn so to speak. I’m going to let one of my favorite quotes my Marianne Williamson address that issue:

Your fellow NANT Newsletter readers and NANT Members LOVE reading about you and what you’re doing.

Click here for the Member Spotlight form!

Share with us. Watch the cascade of good results that stem from your contribution.