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NANT Member Benefits: Improvements Arriving Throughout 2019

I created the current NANT Member Benefits in 2009 before I knew if any of you would trust me enough to join. Thankfully, 60 of you joined on day 1. I still have your sign-up sheets (yes, pen and paper sign-up sheets) in a special file in my office. You took a leap of faith that day and I’m forever grateful.

Together, we’ve come a long way since then. NANT Members, you now span 16 countries! We’ve all grown from local, national, and international connections with other Members, 8 years of neonatal therapy specific national conferences, 9 years of Mentoring Calls, 9 years of Special Topic Call webinars, 9 years of weekly Newsletter communication, neonatal therapy research and publications, clinical and program related advances, neonatal therapy certification, and the global movement we’ve collectively generated to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes for premature and medically complex infants.

Incredible progress.

This level of progress demands improved and up-to-date benefits. To that end, your feedback on the Member Survey was invaluable. As a result, our team has been working tirelessly to prepare for a roll-out of these improvements throughout 2019. Here’s a sneak peek:

1. On-Demand Education + CEUs

*New in 2019: Members will receive on-demand access to a number of Special Topic Courses that have been approved for OT, PT, and ASHA CEUs – at no additional charge. We also intend to provide nursing CEUs for online courses as appropriate. Non-Members may access some of the Special Topic Courses for a fee. Release date: TBD Goal: March, 2019.

Continued: The Member Hub will continue to brim with additional highly specialized videos and audio recordings. For most offerings, Members will receive a certificate of completion after watching the educational video. Completed offerings may be applied to the NICU-specific educational content hours required for Neonatal Therapy Certification via the NTNCB.

NOTE: Special Topic Courses, approved for CEUs as above, will replace Special Topic Calls that previously occurred on a certain day and time each month so that you can access your education at a time that works for you regardless of time zone, caseload, clinic times, and more.

2. Real World, Real-Time Guidance

Per your feedback, you value Member to Member engagement, mentoring, and sharing of resources, but need a way to do so in real time. New peer to peer platform(s) will expand your access to each other and allow you to easily share documents and resources, versus having to show up at a specific date and time while limited to the input of those live on the call.

*New in 2019: In addition to your current Member Forum, you will receive an invitation to join a Private online NANT Member Group. NANT Leadership will also participate in this group on a regular basis to provide both peer to peer and organizational mentoring as indicated. Release Date: TBD Goal: June, 2019

NOTE: The new forum will replace Inner Circle Mentoring Calls (final ICMC will be on December 13th).

3. Free Nationwide Marketing

Continued: Members get the opportunity to share details/brochures related to upcoming courses they lead or participate in on the NANT Member Only Events and Resources page at no charge. Contact our team here to post your event. Available: NOW

4. New Member Gifts & Resources

A. Intentional Caregiving Presentation: This is what no one teaches you in healthcare. You are expert at what you do. But HOW you do what you do and WHO YOU ARE as you’re doing it matters. It matters to the patients and families you care for, your colleagues, and your family and friends. And at the end of the day, it matters to you. Presented by NANT President and Founder Sue Ludwig, Intentional Caregiving in the NICU presents real life examples of how to live and work in a more intentional way. This is not fluffy or sentimental. It’s relevant, clinically important and life-changing! Complete 3 simple steps toward intentional caregiving and experience positive changes in your life and in your care of healthcare’s most fragile patients.

*New in 2019: New Members will receive an updated version of this presentation that will be sent electronically and immediately to your inbox (versus the current DVD version) so that you can experience this content day 1 of Membership. Release Date: January 31.

B. Member Gift: You will receive a simple but tangible welcome gift on your doorstep when you join NANT as a new Member. Members joining on or after January 31st will receive a new version of this welcome gift.

Current Members – after January 31st you will also receive this simple gift on your doorstep. We didn’t want you to feel left out! 🙂

5. $100 Savings on NANT Conference Registration and Discount on Products

Continued: NANT Members receive a minimum of $100 discount on NANT Conference registration. We love seeing you in person. We believe you make huge strides in your career and for patient outcomes when you invest in lifelong learning at this event. Available: NOW – Registration for NANT 9 opened December 4, 2018.

Members also receive a 10% discount on many products and programs.

*In addition to the above improvements, we also plan to enhance our website’s functionality for you. During early 2019 you will see changes such as a transcript page within Member Hub to track courses taken through NANT as well as a better sorting system for courses and offerings.

We want to be your #1 choice for neonatal therapy and NICU-specific education, standards, and connection.

We exist to support you, so you can better support infants and families. Thank you for all you do.