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The NANT 7 Agenda – A Collaborative Mission to Serve the Neurodevelopmental Needs of NICU Patients

It’s an interesting challenge to create a conference agenda that serves multiple disciplines at every turn, but that’s exactly what we strive to do for you each year at the NANT Conference. It only makes sense, since our mission is to support neonatal OTs, PTs and SLPs as you serve babies and families in the NICU.

And it seems simple enough at first glance. But then again, when has the NICU ever been simple?

How do you address safe sleep guidelines and developmental positioning? What IS the best practice for assessing ankyloglossia or feeding babies with congenital heart defects? Are there solutions for gaps in therapy service following NICU discharge? What can clinicians do about gastroesophageal reflux?

Those are just a few of the complex topics you will delve into at NANT 7. It’s also why one of the plenary sessions will address advanced clinical reasoning– we can’t just know WHAT to do, we must understand WHY, WHEN, and HOW.

You’ll be relieved when the presentation titled, Neonatal Therapy Science: The Year in Review beautifully organizes the most recent year’s evidence into one session. Priceless.

You will learn from 7 different professions (including the Pre-Conference) and an incredible NICU parent.

At NANT 7 we aim to provide a fantastic blend of evidence, practice, networking, exposure to new products and services, and unparalleled support. (We also tend to feed you well. You’ve spent decades of your life eating lunch in 12 mins or less. We believe you deserve a refreshing change from that experience. The plethora of palm trees and sunshine won’t hurt your mood either.)

But don’t take my word for any of this.  Click here to check out the agenda for yourself.

If you need to seek funding for the event or need all the info in one place, click here to download the full brochure.

Expect to leave with new knowledge. Expect to experience relief and excitement. Expect to meet incredible colleagues and presenters from all over the world. Expect to be inspired. Over time, expect to build a family of friends.

NOTE: Registration goes live next Tuesday, December 6th. More often than not, we have to develop a waiting list for registration, so we’ve added additional spaces in hopes that we’ll see each of you in Phoenix.

 **If you’re newer to NANT, know that nearly everyone registers within the Early Bird period, so the earlier you can register the better.