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NANT 13 Call for Abstracts NOW OPEN

NANT 13 Main Conference: April 14-15, 2023
Pre-Conference: April 13
Location: Tucson, AZ USA

The theme for NANT 13 is Inspiring Competence & Confidence.


NANT and our Members aim to deliver best practices for NICU babies and parents all over the world. This advanced practice area requires a high level of competence, fueled by interprofessional collaboration and research.

Competence is not finite—it is an ongoing commitment to the pursuit of scientific knowledge and skill proficiency. We never arrive or are experts in all areas of practice. We rely on each other and use our unique professional lenses and experiences to advance the field of neonatal therapy.

Releasing national neonatal therapy competencies was a leap forward, but we recognize there is still so much work to be done! We are calling upon you to share your research and clinical expertise. What can you contribute to the standard of care? How can you fill the gaps in neonatal therapy competency?

NANT intends to develop your confidence to serve, lead, and implement collaboratively. We seek the right individuals, research, and tools to make that happen.

What clinical initiatives have expanded the competence and confidence of your therapy or NICU team? How can your advances prevent another team from reinventing the wheel?

Sharing your valuable work in this internationally attended conference is a powerful way to inspire new levels of competence and confidence in this specialty.

We invite you to submit an abstract to present an oral or poster presentation at NANT 13.

CLICK HERE to learn more and/or submit an abstract.