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NANT 10 Registration Is Now Open: Top 5 Reasons To Attend

Whether you’ve attended one or many past events, you understand why many neonatal therapists report that the NANT Conference feels like coming home. We sure intend for it to feel that way – for once in your life we hope you feel like a fish IN water.

Below are the top reasons your colleagues say they attend the NANT Conference:

1. RelevanceThere is no other (inter)national conference specifically designed for neonatal therapists. (Six countries were represented at NANT 9.) Who gets excited when the agenda is published? You guys do. You’ve searched your whole career for fragments of this specialized content and now it’s all in one place.

Some of you are brand new to the NICU and want to immerse yourself in the culture, research, and practices related to neonatal therapy, and know this is the #1 place to do it.

2. Connection: You may not know anyone when you come to your first NANT Conference. After that, it begins to feel like family, even when you travel from another continent. Like me, you will find yourself saying, “Well my friend from the UK, or Australia, or Germany told me that they implemented…”

Connection is one of NANT’s Core Values. We aim to reflect that value in every part of this event.

3. Inspiration: You spend all of your days dedicated to helping and inspiring others, often without notice. NANT 10 will bring the fuel to fill you back up while celebrating the milestones you and the babies you serve achieve and pursue in your NICU.

4. Collaboration: You will experience an unparalleled spirit of collaboration at NANT 10. Territorialism between professions cannot withstand the tremendous power of a shared vision and mission. Your profession’s unique contributions are honored, celebrated, respected, and shared.

The same is true for our industry partners and exhibitors. Who knows the most about the products and services our patients use every day? They do. Learn directly from them.

5. Relief: Relief that you are in the company of like-minded people. Relief that your CE Credit actually applies to your specialty. Relief to be surrounded by people who commonly use words like deglutition and are jazzed by things like the ontogeny of spontaneous motor activity. Relief that you have the latest evidence at your fingertips – you can be sure you’re doing the right thing.

But maybe the most important reason to attend is that the act of packing your suitcase and leaving the everyday routine of your life changes you. What could you bring to your NICU, your family, your friends, and yourself if you returned a little lighter, more supported, rested, and freshly educated?

What if your passion is recovered by being part of something way bigger than yourself?

Babies win.

Click here to register for NANT 10 – Celebrating Milestones.

Bonus reasons: This 10th anniversary event is being held in my hometown which allows us to do some fun things for you that we couldn’t do elsewhere. And I simply can’t wait to welcome you to the city where NANT was born.