Mindfulness in Healthcare: A Physician’s Perspective

By Sue Ludwig

I wasn’t sure if the content of the book would resonate with me. But like most things, it made me realize that regardless of healthcare profession, we share similar stresses and common desires. I’m certain that a few words in the below excerpt will jump off the page at you. (You know the ones.)

“Medicine is in crisis. Physicians and patients are disillusioned, frustrated by the fragmentation of the health care system. Physicians experience the commodification of medicine that has forced clinicians’ focus from the healing of patients to the mechanics of health care – productivity metrics, insurance regulations, actuarial tasks, and demoralizing metrics that measure what can be counted but not what really counts, sometimes ironically in the name of evidence-based and patient-centered care.  

I have seen that it is possible to do better, and that is the reason I’m writing this book.” 

The author, Dr. Ronald Epstein, wants to help us all grow in our capacity to provide the best care possible, and suggests, to the initial dismay of many, that we do that first by looking inward.

What I love about his approach is that it is not fluffy or sentimental. This is his research brought to life with real clinical stories. This is about bridging the humanity gap between care providers and patients.

Part of NANT’s mission is to help you grow professionally and personally. This book shows you one way to do both.

Title: Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity

Author: Ronald Epstein, M.D.


*I have no financial or non-financial relationship to this book or the author. Just sharing cool stuff with my favorite people.

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