Mastery Isn’t Magic: Join Us for a Free Special Edition Webinar

If you’ve been connected to NANT for long, you know we talk a lot about mastery.

If you’re new to the NICU, the concept of mastery is overwhelming (or thrilling depending how you’re wired). You just want to know what to do on Monday morning, yet here we are focusing on mastery!

Let me explain:

We discuss and support your journey toward mastery NOT because we believe everyone needs to become an expert but because we know your patients, their families and your fellow colleagues flourish in direct proportion to the level of mastery you pursue.

But there’s a myth out there that says mastery is a magic thing that happens when you’ve worked in a job or career for a certain number of years. That at some point you get to sit back and rest as if 100% of your unit’s practices are up to date. (Which they might be for about 2 weeks until some new evidence emerges. That’s the frustrating part right?!)

So one way NANT chips away at that myth is by providing you with avenues to run after mastery. We do our best to remove the barriers that impede your pursuit of more knowledge, evidence and innovation.

One of our favorite ways to do that is to offer FREE education to the global community. We set aside a couple of days each year to share what are typically member-only benefits with the world. And the good news is one of those days is coming up NEXT WEEK!

Join us Thursday July 30th at 1pm EST for a Mastery Edition Special Topic Call titled: Elevate Your Clinical Practice: Introduction to the Test of Infant Motor Performance (TIMP) presented by Maureen Connors Lenke, BS OTR/L – an outtake from her full 2015 NANT Conference presentation which will be featured in the upcoming 2015 Neonatal Therapy Digital Mastery Pack.

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Here’s how this event will run:

Part 1 – Maureen will present the first portion (webinar-style) including:

An overview of the Test of Infant Moto Performance (TIMP) during which participants will gain knowledge of:
1. The age range for which the TIMP is used
2. The practice settings in which the TIMP is used
3. The types of postural and movement behaviors tested with the TIMP
4. Research on the validity of the TIMP for diagnosis, treatment planning and outcome assessment
5. Tester qualifications

Part 2 – I will dig into this topic interview-style with Maureen so you understand WHY adding this type of assessment to your practice increases your value and better serves patients, families and your NICU team.

The TIMP is all about the motor system. As therapists, gaining a step toward mastery in the assessment of motor performance is integral to providing unique perspective in the NICU. And since mastery is not magic, we must always seek and apply new ways to optimize our value within the team.

(Plan on staying to the end of the presentation for some time sensitive news on the 2015 Digital Mastery Pack. We’ve been listening to what you need and you’re going to be thrilled!)

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And remember, this is not about becoming an instant-master at something. (It’s only an hour long after all!) Building mastery is about showing up and learning something new time and time again. The only magic lies in your decision to do so.