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Lead with Purpose

Here’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few weeks:

I don’t need to worry about finding the next (several) teams of leaders for NANT. You’re already here.

When we put out the call for applicants for the Neonatal Therapy National Certification Board we weren’t sure if we’d receive 4 applications or 40. (The latter.) Then we wondered how we’d determine if the applicants were ready and qualified and possessed the spirit of camaraderie needed for such a large endeavor.

As usual, we were blown away.

Not just because of their CVs (which were truly impressive), or their experiences (which were spot on for this adventure), but because of their desire to be part of something greater, historic and multidisciplinary. And with any luck, applicants who were not chosen for this board will join NANT in other vital efforts immediately. Who gets to be inspired while reviewing so many applications? We do. We’re that fortunate.

The cool thing is that this group of applicants is reflective of NANT Members overall. This is who you are.

You don’t get to be an experienced neonatal therapist without having a certain level of tenacity and passion. It’s just not an easy path. So those of us that remain are here for a reason.

Actually, for thousands of tiny reasons. And their families.

THIS is the strongest thread that weaves us together. THIS is what was most apparent in the applications.

THIS is what you teach me each and every day.

You do this work for the right reasons. You are in alignment with your purpose. THIS is the grounded and passionate future of NANT.