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“I Matter” – An Inspiring Testimony of the Passion Found in the NICU (Thanks to NANT Members and Followers from all over the world who contributed!)

I Matter Video

I had an idea last year to ask our NANT Members and followers to send in “I Matter Statements” to us. I promised to use them to create something cool for the world.

That promise turned into this video from the 2012 NANT Conference. But there were more statements than we could properly include in the video and we wanted to give voice to all who took the time to contribute. Written by neonatal therapists and nurses, the subtle attention and intention will shout at you. (Happily!)

Chris D.

I matter because I may be the only true and honest “cuddle” my patients have that day. I matter because I practice the belief that a smile can change the world. I matter because I am proof that prayers are heard and answered.

Denise N.

I matter because I keep in mind that the precious infants in the NICU are “someone’s son or daughter” and not a patient. I matter because I keep in mind that these infants are not “mine” so that my focus is on empowering the parents and helping the see the awe and wonder of their baby.

Anjanette L.

I matter because I am the organizer, maid, and taxi for my family. I matter because I love to mentor and teach others what I have learned. I matter because God has given me my own gifts and has made me uniquely “me”.

Miwa A.

I matter because I give my patients and coworkers the benefit of the doubt. I matter because I smile at strangers. I matter because I am the peacemaker of my family.

Kati K.

I matter because I truly care about my patients and their families.

I matter because I take care of myself which allows me to be a better wife, mother, therapist.

I matter because I aim for optimal outcomes in my profession and personal life.

Bonnie Y.

I matter because I pay attention. I see a baby’s worried and fearful look. I listen to parents’ concerns.

Marian H.

I matter because I stick to my guns and do what I feel is in the baby’s best interest. This often involves challenging/sensitive conversations with other team members and can take a lot of energy. I matter because I’m one of the baby’s most faithful cheerleaders.

Sara C.

“I matter because I always try to listen to the parents’ concerns”

“I matter because I’m a fun person (or at least try to be :D)”

“I matter because I always try to help with what I can”

Wow…this was harder than I thought…

Sue M.

“Every life I touch matters, therefore I matter too. Working with the goal of consistent excellence matters very much to my tiny patients and their parents.”

Sandra C.




“I am the keeper of the brain.”

Aune H.

I matter because I listen and I observe. As I was feeding Ella this morning, I listened and watched and responded and adjusted. Like a dance. I let her take the lead. She fed beautifully. And she said thank-you with her alert eyes, her settled breathing, and her utter calmness.

Gail L.

I matter because I bring positive energy to every baby I touch.

I matter because I take time to hug my teenage daughters every day, and let them know how much I love them.

Jackie B.

I matter because I’m sometimes the only one who cares for the parents as much as the infant.

I matter because I make things happen for my family – healthy meals, signed permission notes, clean clothes, and dinners with friends………

I matter because I’d rather make life easier for others than more difficult.

Sarah K.

I go above and beyond each day to help the family bond with their precious infant. I find ways for them to connect with their baby by bathing, holding or feeding their little one.

Anne M.

After thinking about this question for many weeks, I decided I matter for many reasons. However, in terms of my work in the NICU, I believe I matter because of the perspective I bring to caring for the babies, but mostly because of my love for the babies, the families and the staff in the NICU.

My favorite sound is the smacking of lips when a finished bottle is pulled out of a baby’s mouth. I still get excited when a baby feeds well with their parents. I love to see little ones cuddled up on mom’s chest sleeping soundly. I smile when I see bright eyes and big mouths open to root on a hand, a thumb or a blanket.

I matter because these sounds and scenes never get old, never cease to amaze me and always brighten my day. I matter because I get to be a part of and help produce these wonderful sounds and scenes.

Thanks to all of you. And to those of you out there reading – you matter more than you know!

You inspire beyond measure.