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How Does Your Unit Address Bathing? A Protocol for Swaddled Bathing in the NICU

Bathing Baby

Your colleagues Karyn Quraishy MSPT, Susan Bowles DNP, RNC-NIC and James Moore PhD, PT, PCS published the article titled A Protocol for Swaddled Bathing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the special neonatal therapy edition of Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews in March of this year (13:1 p48-50).

And here’s what I love about it.

In the NICU (and every unit of the hospital) care practices are implemented every day in hundreds of different ways. Many of these practices have never been examined, they’re merely carried out. Yet we know that establishing consistent practices leads to better examination of and education about these practices.

Your colleagues saw a problem – a lack of consensus or protocol for swaddled bathing in the NICU – and turned it into an opportunity.

They created a step by step protocol for you to compare and contrast to yours or to review and/or use if you don’t have one at all. It’s a relief to have such work available to you.

And I know how busy you are.

So this is a heads up – this work has been done and is available for you.

Here’s a link to the article:

* Like any practice brought into an intensive care environment, please review all protocols with your medical team prior to implementation.