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Does your NICU Team Build Bridges or Brick Walls?

Collectively, you send hundreds of emails and questions to NANT.

And the inquiries about teamwork (or lack thereof) carry the heaviest burden – the most shame, anger and frustration. The questions may be about the one therapist who won’t let any other discipline in the NICU or about the leaders of one group being unwilling to share knowledge with others. Or it may simply be a personality clash. (Which is actually not simple at all.)

The saddest part of this issue is that in the end, everyone loses -the staff, the hospital, the budget, the NICU team and the infant and family. It’s the opposite of ‘being the bridge’.

But there is another way.

A way that supports you as an individual as well as a highly effective team member. A way that innately benefits the infants and families in the NICU. A way that enables your unit to finalize the transformative changes in developmental care that once seemed to wax and wane over time.

The NANT Pre-Con Session 2 titled: Creating and Sustaining High Performing Developmental Care Teams in the NICU through Shared Mental Models will leave you with real tools for change. AND it’s presented by 2 dynamic and highly experienced professionals.

This is for you – the leaders, the collaborators, the visionaries.

Quite a valuable way to spend an afternoon.

Not convinced? Check out the full agenda and outline here.

Can’t wait to learn along with you.