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Create space in your brain, workday and life while accomplishing more than ever.

Audio Recording: Mastering the Art of Implementation Teleclass


In This Exclusive Training…

You will:


  • Discover how your passion can lead to mastery
  • Learn how to organize your passion into implementable steps
  • Experience the Art of Implementation
  • Understand how you can REALLY make a difference now
  • Learn how to create impressive results from colleagues who have done it
  • Experience a mind shift and see your life’s work with new eyes
  • Discover actions you can take now to create the breakthrough you desire

Systematic Schedule Starter

Schedule Starter

It seems easy. You have a load of stuff to do. You write it down in a calendar and it magically gets done. Right?

Nope. Not even close. You may not realize it but you’ve been swimming against the current! No wonder you’re tired!

The Systematic Schedule Starter uses what experts in neuroscience know about your brain function at work to help you schedule your projects and patient care in a way that makes you feel more productive and less like you wanna pull your hair out!

The Systematic Schedule Starter includes printable worksheets to implement our tangible 3-step process for creatingyour schedule and organizing your to-do list to increase your productivity and decrease burnout.  (And allows you to get your projects completed one step at a time.)

Accountability Action Sheet

Accountability Action Sheet

Do you know why we don’t like to share our goals with other people? Because then we’re actually accountable for them!

One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is (carefully) choose an accountability buddy or partner. When you have to report your progress, you pay attention to your progress, you nurture it, you make things happen!

But lots of people do this the hard way. They find that their accountability check-ins become more like lengthy complaint sessions or gossip circles. Implementers don’t waste time complaining or gossiping. They have THINGS TO DO and crave a lack of drama. (3 cheers for that one?!

The Accountability Action Sheet provides you with:

  • Accountability in Action: Our 6 step process for building a successful accountability practice
  • Ground Rules for Accountability: 4 must-have rules for you and your accountability partner or group

Lunch and Learn Toolkit

Lunch and Learn Toolkit

You want to share this valuable information with your NICU. And your colleagues want to learn about new research and practice.

But to make this happen you have to SET IT UP, PLAN IT, INVITE COLLEAGUES and so on. And even though that sounds easy, it still takes time. Just the thought of trying to do one more thing in-between patient care makes you want to throw a 2-year old tantrum (ok, maybe that’s just me).

Like we talked about on the call, this just needs to become a system. But then you have to create the system right? Wrong! We did that for you!

In the Lunch and Learn Toolkit you’ll receive:

  • A template email (editable) to send out to the NICU staff inviting them to the lunch and learn – yes, one less thing you have to create.
  • A printable sign to remind staff about the lunch and learn (editable as well).
  • A checklist of all included speakers and topics so you can easily locate and track your unit’s educational priorities and progress.

Mastery, is not attained, per se, but pursued. It is the challenge of the game, the quest that is forever just out of reach that keeps us moving. Like a child learning to sit then crawl and then walk, we are in various stages of development – reaching, growing, and challenging ourselves more every day. Mastery is part sacrifice, part elation, part nature. We are driven to make sense of our world and our place in it.

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