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Celebrating Global Connections: 2023 International Neonatal Therapy Week

Neonatal therapy friends all over the world – we’re excited to celebrate you during this extra special week. We see you. We understand the isolation, uphill battles, impressive progress, and passion.

Your international colleagues Tamlyn and Amanda summarize the spirit of our global connections in the video below. Their words remind me how similar we are despite Members spanning 30 countries.

The great thing about International Neonatal Therapy Week (INTW) is the opportunity to shine a light on you and all you do daily, seen and unseen, to improve neonatal development.

Near or far, we are a supportive community on a mission for babies and families. As Tamlyn said, “To know that we’re in it together across countries just [feels] magical.”

I’ve never met a group so dedicated to each other and their patients.

Happy INTW, friends!